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Platinum features a white-light blue color and generates a full range of solid solutions at all concentrations when combined to gold.

Its concentration in gold alloys generally does not exceed 100 thousandths as if used in greater amounts generates solidification heterogeneities.

Platinum used in noble alloys generates various effects:
  • Increases the hardness in mechanical resistance
  • Increases the alloy melting interval
  • Increases the resistance to corrosion and oxidation
  • lightens the color of alloys
  • enhances the mechanical properties following proper hardening thermal treatment
Because of its high price and limited quantity availability Platinum is more and more replaced by Palladium when combined to gold.

8853 S.p.A. sells platinum guaranteed not just by the 999,5 purity degree, but also for its low impurity percentage as it complies with the limits provided for by ASTM standards.
  • Chemical symbol: Pt
  • Specific weight: 21,45 g/cm3
  • Color: grey
  • Melting temperature: 1769 C