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Gold Tokens

Thanks to the experience gained through several decades of working within the precious metal sector and to highly advanced research technologies and machinery, 8853 S.p.A. is also leader in the recovery and production of gold coins.

8853 S.p.A, in fact produces on request gold coins as well: the usual standard size of the coins is a diameter of 22 or 35 mm, while the weight varies and is established based on the market quotation on the date of order. The coins can be personalized with the client’s logo.

The purity degree for the gold coins is 750 ‰, which indicates that they contain 75% of pure gold. If they were entirely made of pure gold they would be too soft, as gold is a highly ductile material.

The prize awarded for numerous quiz games and contests is represented by gold coins; it is in fact forbidden by law to distribute money from quiz games and contests (as set forth by DPR n.430 of October 26, 2001).

8853 S.p.A. guarantees fully insured shipment to the winners against confirmation of delivery to the consignee and possible return of a letter of release from responsibility for the correct closure of the game.

Our Precious Metals Bullion Desk is also available to the winners for repurchase of the gold coins against immediate conversion of the prize in actual money: the value of the coins is calculated based on the amount of pure gold they contain and the market quotation for gold on the date the winner decides to sell them.