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Gold Coins

There are many coins in circulation and are issued by government mints around the world with different characteristics such as weight, carat weight, diameter, zinigration on the edge in addition to the different representations shown on the obverse and reverse of the same.

Gold coins fall into two main categories:

1. Stock exchange coins, also called bullion coins or investment coins, to which their value is linked to the gold content in the single currency and the market demand.

2. Numismatic coins to which their value is generally 80% higher than the value of the gold content, and the physical characteristics of the currency are also taken into account rarity (i.e. the circulation for each year of minting) and the conservation of the coin e generally classified with standards, both as rarity [CC = very common, C = common, NC = uncommon, R = rare, R2 = very rare, R3 = extremely rare, R4 = extremely rare, R5 = few specimens, U = unique] both as conservation [B or VG = the coin is almost completely worn, MB or FG = wear is clearly visible, BB or VF = there are slight signs of wear, SPL or EF = the coin is practically without signs of wear and FDC or UNC = the coin is in perfect condition since it has never been circulated].

Why buy them?

Historically, gold coins were meant to protect their assets

but, with the passing of the years, a real passion was born, capable of involving everyone also many illustrious personalities and, among whom the Emperor Augustus is said. Today, buying gold coins means buying an "object" with its own story that speaks of man, of the cultures and of the world in which we live but, at the same time, has maintained its purpose originally for heritage protection.

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Ten good reasons to buy gold coins:

  1. The purchase is exempt from VAT (Law no. 7 of 17 January 2000).
  2. They are accessible to all portfolios.
  3. They are resellable worldwide and in all currencies.
  4. The prices are worldwide.
  5. They are easy to keep.
  6. They allow you to easily split your capital.
  7. Heritage protection (safe haven).
  8. They are collectible.
  9. They pass down a value.
  10. The unrelated purchase by the counterparty (it's mine and I manage it how and where I want)